Minor Junior (U24) Regulations


MMHL REGULATION 13 – Minor Junior

(a) Teams can register players from ages 18 to 23, however players from ages 21 to 23 must make up no more than 50% of the total number of players on a team. (Age per HNS Reg 3.3 A player’s age is determined for the current season by the player’s age at December 31st of the current year.)

(b) Players entering the Minor Junior (MJ) division of the League at age 21, 22 or 23 must have previously played in the MMHL MJ league at least one season. MHAs (Minor Hockey Associations) can apply to the Executive for permission to include players from other recreational leagues outside of HRM/MMHL. If a player has not played in Recreational hockey or MMHL, that player’s registration may be held until all teams are formed. The player will then be assigned to a team at the discretion of the MMHL Executive/VP of Minor Junior, if a spot is available. Reference may also be made to regulation (e).

(c) If there are two teams from one MHA, both teams must be equally balanced in age and skill. MMHL requires the MHA take responsibility for enforcing the balancing of teams by October 30 (per HNS Memo regarding team balancing).

(d) The MHA’s VP Recreation or equivalent and Registrar must approve all player registrations in Minor Junior to ensure proper balance of age and eligibility prior to the start of the season. Players wanting to register after September 30 shall be referred to the MMHL VP of Minor Junior who will apply regulation (f).

(e) The MMHL VP Minor Junior will make contact in early September with all MHAs participating in MMHL to support and assist in recruitment efforts, registration and placement of players to ensure team registration lists for Minor Junior are completed by Sept 30. Female players shall be encouraged to join, as this is a non-checking/non-contact division.

(f) The MMHL VP of Minor Junior will assist in placement (within own or all other MHA’s) of any late registering players (after Sept 30) as spots are available; all placements will be subject to approval by the MMHL.

(g) All players and bench staff must be on an official HNS team roster with copies provided to the MMHL Executive Committee by November 30th of the current year. Any changes to a team’s roster after this date must be submitted to Hockey Nova Scotia and the MMH League for approval and a revised copy sent to the MMHL.

(h) Upon written notification from the MMHL Board to the MHA MMHL Representative which indicates that a motion was unanimously passed that the MHA is in violation of Regulation c) and/or d), the respective MHA must take such action as is necessary to ensure compliance with Regulation c) and/or d) within two weeks of its MMHL Representative receiving the notification. If the MHA has NOT complied by the end of the two-week period, then the team(s) referenced in the notification from the MMHL Board will not be allowed to continue participating in the MMHL League and the MHA shall forfeit any monies paid to the MMHL for inclusion in the MMHL League.