Semi-Final and Championship Regulations


FOR 2023 - Divisions will return to the traidtional format - top 4 after the playoff round advance to the semi-final hosted by the higher seeded team the week leading into Championship weekend. 

A copy of these rules will be available at the Timekeeper’s bench for all games. All MMHL games played by members and qualifications of all players competing in such games as members of the teams shall be in conformity with the Articles, Bylaws and Regulations of CHA, HNS and HNSMC as well the rules of competition as adopted and prescribed by the Executive of HNSMC and the Executive of MMHL.

All players, coaches and team officials are expected to abide by the philosophies laid out in the Mission Statement of the MMHL. “The Metro Minor Hockey League is committed to providing a positive hockey experience for players, officials, coaches and parents, based on the principles of sportsmanship, skill development, equal ice time, and fair play.” All coaches will be asked to sign a declaration that they will abide by these philosophies prior to their game.

2. No ‘PROTESTS’ will be entertained.
3. Teams will be seeded 1-4 based playoff standings for the semi final games. The highest seed will be the home team in the Championship game. 
4. There will be a TWO (2) minute warm-up for teams following the closure of the Zamboni doors.  
5. Championship Games will consist of three 10 minute, stop time periods. All games will be played to completion.
6. The following tie breaking format will apply to teams tied after three periods of play in both the Semifinals and the Championship games           
  • 5-minute, stop time, sudden death, overtime period – 3 on 3 player      
  • Shootout - 3 shooters per team. Home team shoots first.  Most goals win.
  • If teams are still tied, there will be a sudden death shootout (one shot each) until the winner is decided
Note: In both shootouts, every player (except the goalie) must have taken a turn before a player can take a second turn.
7. There are no “TIMEOUTS’ in the MMHL Championship Weekend games.
8. An official game report shall be completed in triplicate, for each game played.  The game number must be on all game reports.
9. Teams are not permitted to substitute or add players/goalies to their team rosters without the approval of the MMHL executive. Only players and coaches listed and approved on a HNS roster will be permitted to participate. Teams will be required to present a copy of their approved HNS roster prior to participating in the MMHL semi final and finals. For Semi Final games, your HNS roster should be handed into the MMHL MHA Rep that is hosting the game. The game sheet must be verified and signed by a coach from each team prior to the start of the game.
10. No player is permitted to represent more than one team in the semi final and championship games and must play for the team as registered with HNS, HNSMC, and MMHL.
11. To be eligible for MMHL semi final and Championship games players must play a minimum of 10 League or already scheduled Exhibition/Tournament games with that team. Teams will be required to provide proof.
12. Any team found to be playing illegal players, shall result in the game(s) being awarded to the non-offending team in any game in which the illegal players took part by a score of 5-0.  The player or players will still be required to serve out the remainder of their suspension(s).  The Coach(s) or Team Official(s) will be under indefinite suspension, until dealt with by the HNSMC and MMHL Executive.           
13. ‘Code of Discipline’ of CHA, HNS and HNSMC will apply for all games.
14. For all games, the coach shall have his/her team at the arena a minimum of one hour before the game. If the program is running ahead of schedule, games may be advanced to a maximum of one half hour. The schedule will run accordingly, if there are delays, we can notify teams as the day progresses.